• Committees

  • Local Organizing committee

    General Chair
    • Stéphane EVO (IRSN) 
    Assistant general chairs
    • Aurélie BARDELAY (IRSN)
    • Shuichi TSUDA (OECD/NEA) 
    Events managers
    • Fabrice ECRABET (IRSN)
    • Caroline SALHAB (IRSN) 
    • Audrey DUPUIS (Insight Outside) 
    Financial and legal chairs
    • Mickaël BARONI (IRSN)
    • Sylvie GRAUET (IRSN)
    • Magali PENOT (IRSN) 
  • International Advisory Committee (IAC)

    • Stéphane EVO (IRSN) 
    • John BESS (INL) 
    • Doug BOWEN (ORNL)
    • Coralie CARMOUZE (CEA)
    • Stefano CARUSO (NAGRA)
    • José CONDE (ENUSA)
    • Axel HOEFER (Framatome)
    • Deborah HILL (NNL)
    • Tatiana IVANOVA (OECD/NEA)
    • Anatoly KOCHETKOV (SCK CEN)
    • Dennis MENNERDAHL (EMS)
    • Ken NAKAJIMA (RRI)
    • Gregory O’CONNOR (ONR)
    • Cecil PARKS (ORNL)
    • Catherine PERCHER (LLNL)
    • Anssu RANTA-AHO (TVO)
    • Brad REARDEN (ORNL)
    • Boris RYAZANOV (IPPE)
    • Maik STUKE (GRS)
    • Kotaro TONOIKE (JAEA)
    • Jim GULLIFORD (G&M Nuclear Skills Ltd)
  • International Technical Program Committee (ITC)

    Stéphane EVO, IRSN, France, Chair of the organizing committee

    Track 1. Codes and other calculation methods
    International track leaders
    • David HEINRICHS, LLNL, United States
    • Yevgeniy ROZHIKHIN, IPPE, Russia

    French track leader
    • Eric DUMONTEIL, IRSN, France

    Track 2. Nuclear Data
    International track leaders
    • David BROWN, BNL, United States
    • Luiz LEAL, IRSN, France 

    French track leader
    • Raphaëlle ICHOU, IRSN, France 

    Track 3. Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis
    International track leaders
    • Coralie CARMOUZE, CEA, France
    • Maik STUKE, GRS, Germany

    French track leader
    • Nicolas LECLAIRE, IRSN, France 

    Track 4. Measurements, Experiments and Benchmarks
    International track leaders
    • John BESS, INL,United States
    • Patrick BLAISE, CEA, France
    French track leader
    • Isabelle DUHAMEL, IRSN, France 

    Track 5. Standards, Assessment Methodology, Regulations 
    International track leaders
    • Doug BOWEN, ORNL, United States
    • Fred WINSTANLEY, SL, United Kingdom 

    French track leader
    • Luis AGUIAR, IRSN, France 
    Track 6. Operational Practices and Safety cases
    International track leaders
    • Boris RYAZANOV, IPPE, Russia
    • Stuart WATSON, 3TSC, United Kingdom
    French track leader
    • Mathieu MILIN, IRSN, France

    Track 7. Storage and Transport issues
    International track leaders
    • Gregory O’CONNOR, ONR, United Kingdom
    • Marcel TARDY, ORANO TN, France 

    French track leader
    • Ludyvine JUTIER, IRSN, France

    Track 8. Final disposal issues
    International track leaders
    • Travis TATE, US NRC, United States
    • Vladimir KHOTYLEV, CNSC, Canada 

    French track leader
    • Grégory CAPLIN, IRSN, France 

    Track 9. Criticality Accidents and Incidents
    International track leaders
    • Yuichi YAMANE JAEA, Japan
    • Matthieu DULUC, IRSN, France 

    Track 10. Professional Development Issues and Training
    International track leaders
    • Deborah HILL, NNL, United Kingdom
    • John MILLER, SNL, United States 

    French track leader
    • Céline LENEPVEU, IRSN, France
    Track 11. Future Challenges
    International track leaders
    • Angela CHAMBERS, NNSA, United States
    • Tatiana IVANOVA, NEA, France

    French track leader
    • Jean-Baptiste CLAVEL, IRSN, France 
    • Consuelo ALEJANO MONGE, CSN, Spain
    • Peter ANGELO, CNS, United States
    • Hervé AUBERT, Framatome, France
    • James BAKER, Spectra Tech, United States
    • Aurélie BARDELAY, IRSN, France
    • Andrew BARTO, USNRC, United States
    • David BERNARD, CEA, France
    • Mariya BROVCHENKO, IRSN, France
    • Forrest BROWN, LANL, United States
    • Laurent BUIRON, CEA, France
    • Oliver BUSS, Framatome GmbH, Germany
    • Pierre CASOLI, CEA, France
    • Cihangir CELIK, ORNL, United States
    • Laurent CHOLVY, CEA, France
    • Justin CLARITY, ORNL, United States
    • Jose CONDE LOPEZ, ENUSA, Spain
    • Alexandre COULAUD, ORANO Projets, France
    • Sam DARBY, ONR, United Kingdom
    • Cyrille DE SAINT-JEAN, CEA, France
    • Benjamin DECHENAUX, IRSN, France
    • Cheikh DIOP, CEA, France
    • Aurélien DORVAL, CEA, France
    • Fabien DURET, IRSN, France
    • Matthew EATON, Imperial College, United Kingdom
    • Mary ERLUND, NNL, United Kingdom
    • Stéphane EVO, IRSN, France
    • Frédéric FERNEX, IRSN, France
    • Benoit GESLOT, CEA, France
    • François Xavier GIFFARD, CEA, France
    • Cécile-Aline GOSMAIN, EDF, France
    • Adrien GRUEL, CEA, France
    • Satoshi GUNJI, JAEA, Japan
    • Anatoly KOCHETKOV, SCK-CEN, Belgium
    • Volker HANNSTEIN, GRS, Germany
    • Neil HARRIS, NNL, United Kingdom
    • Stewart HAY, Cerberus Nuclear, United Kingdom
    • Maik HENNEBACH, Daher Nuclear Technologies GmbH, Germany
    • Jerry HICKS, Independent, United States
    • Axel HOEFER, Framatome GmbH, Germany
    • Craig HOLLAND, Cerberus Nuclear, United Kingdom
    • Calvin HOPPER, Independent, United States
    • Jesson HUTCHINSON, LANL, United States
    • Evgeny IVANOV, IRSN, France
    • Gregory KEEFER, LLNL, United States
    • Robert KILGER, GRS, Germany
    • Soon KIM, LLNL, United States
    • Bernd KLÜVER, TÜV Nord EnSys GmbH, Germany
    • Michaël LAGET, CEA, France
    • Dale LANCASTER, Nuclear Consultants, United States
    • Jean-François LEBRAT, CEA, France
    • Pierre LECONTE, CEA, France
    • Yi-Kang LEE, CEA, France
    • Mathias LEIN, Nuclear Consultants, Germany
    • Clément LOPEZ, ANDRA, France
    • William BJ MARSHALL, ORNL, United States
    • Jackie MARTIN, EDF Energy, United Kingdom
    • Rick MIGLIORE, TN Americas LLC, United States
    • Laurent MILET, ORANO TN, France
    • Thomas MILLER, European Spallation Source, Sweden
    • Wilfried MONANGE, IRSN, France
    • Prakash NARAYANAN, TN Americas LLC, United States
    • Tony NELSON, LLNL, United States
    • Gilles NERON DE SURGY, Orano Projets, France
    • Jens Christian NEUBER, Ingenieurbüro Neuber, Germany
    • Gilles NOGUERE, CEA, France
    • David NOYELLES, CEA, France
    • Michelle NUTTALL, SL, United Kingdom
    • Tom PAGE, Cerberus Nuclear, United Kingdom
    • Jean-François PAPUT, Framatome, France
    • Cecil PARKS, ORNL, United States
    • Yannick PENELIAU, CEA, France
    • Aurélien POISSON, Orano Projets, France
    • Michaël PRIGNAU, CEA, France
    • Derek PUTLEY, Independent, United Kingdom
    • Olivier RAVAT, MELOX, France
    • Ingo REICHE, BFE, Germany
    • Jim REUS, Independent, United States
    • Simon RICHARDS, Wood, United Kingdom
    • Yann RICHET, IRSN, France
    • Ellen SAYLOR, ORNL, United States
    • John SCAGLIONE, ORNL, United States
    • John SCORBY,  LLNL, United States
    • Evgeny SELEZNEV,IBRAE, Russia
    • Paul SMITH, AMEC, United Kingdom
    • Fabian SOMMER, GRS, Germany
    • Andy SUTTON, SL, United Kingdom
    • Sven TITTELBACH, WTI, Germany
    • Jean TOMMASI, CEA, France
    • Pete TURNER, 3TSC, United Kingdom
    • Lucile VIAULLE, IRSN, France
    • Jean-François VIDAL, CEA, France
    • Miroslav VOYTCHEV, IRSN, France
    • Sean WALSTON, LLNL, United States
    • Larry WETZEL, BWXT, United States
    • Anthony WILSON, SL, United Kingdom
    • Andrea ZOIA, CEA, France
    • Oscar ZURRON, ENUSA, Spain
    • Will ZYWIEC, LLNL, United States
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