• ICNC 2019 Final Program

  • Program at a glance

  • Technical program

    The Technical Program is composed of eleven tracks.
    Track 1. Codes and other calculation methods
    • New features, methods
    • Codes validation 
    • Algorithms, deep learning, etc.
    Track 2. Nuclear Data 
    • Evaluation of nuclear data, including covariances
    • Processing tools
    • Validation of nuclear data
    • Experimental needs
    Track 3. Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis 
    • Derivation of code/data bias and its uncertainty
    • Generation and use of covariance data
    • U/S analysis methods and applications to UNF
    • Uncertainty propagation
    Track 4. Measurements, Experiments and Benchmarks 
    • Improvements in measurement technics used for codes validation (experiments, reactor operation, accidents, etc.).
    • New experiments, new benchmarks
    • Future experimental programme
    Track 5. Standards, Assessment Methodology, Regulations 
    • National and international guides, standards, handbooks
    • New safety assessment methodologies
    • National/international regulations
    Track 6. Operational Practices and Safety cases 
    • Specific safety cases
    • Lessons learnt from events
    • Good practices
    • Fuel cycle facilities (front-end and back-end)
    • Current experimental needs
    Track 7. Storage and Transport issues
    • Applications involving fresh or used fuel, or waste containing fissile material in storage and transport
    • Burn-up credit applications
    Track 8. Final disposal issues 
    • Issues related to fissile material/ waste in final disposal
    • Burn-up credit applications
    Track 9. Criticality Accidents and Incidents
    • Emergency preparedness and response
    • CAAS
    • Lessons learnt from near misses and accidents
    • Criticality accident modelling
    • Criticality accident dosimetry
    Track 10. Professional Development Issues and Training
    • Maintaining competencies
    • Education, training programmes for practitioners, regulators, experimenters, etc.
    Track 11. Future Challenges
    • New reactors and fuel types, etc.
    • New processes 
    • Identification and solution to past and current difficulties.
    • Future experimental needs
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