• Technical Tours

  • Technical Tours

    ******** Deadline for technical tours registration: July 19th ********

    Four Technical Tours are already planned:
     Fuel fabrication plant of
    Framatome Romans-sur-Isère
     MOX recycling plant
    of ORANO Cycle MELOX
     Cadarache research center of CEA  Fuel recycling plant of ORANO
    Cycle La Hague (FULL)

    Through the technical tours proposed, you will be able to visit the French fuel cycle, from the manufacture of PWR assemblies at Framatome Romans-sur-Isère facility to the reprocessing of fuels at ORANO Cycle La Hague facility and finally, the manufacture of MOX fuels at ORANO Cycle MELOX. At last, the CEA visit gives you the opportunity to visit one of the rare experimental reactor under construction, the RJH, and the LECA-STAR laboratory.

    Participants to technical tours will travel by train on September 19th afternoon. The departure is organized from the conference center to train stations. The travel back to Paris by train is scheduled for early evening of September 20th. During the trip, participants will be accompanied by IRSN guides (train, bus, hotel, restaurant, etc.).

    The following train travels are planned:
    • for Framatome Romans-sur-Isère tour : Paris <-> Valence 
    • for ORANO Cycle MELOX tour : Paris <-> Avignon
    • for CEA Cadarache tour : Paris <-> Aix en Provence
    • for ORANO Cycle La Hague tour : Paris <-> Cherbourg

    Please fin below more information about technical tours.
  • Framatome Romans-sur-Isère

    The Framatome Romans site is a fuel fabrication plant. Located about 5 km of Romans-sur-Isère (south of France), the Romans-sur-Isère facility is dedicated to the fuel assemblies fabrication for nuclear power reactors and research reactors. 


    The Melox plant of the Orano group, located at the Marcoule site, fabricates MOX fuel for the reactors of nuclear power plants in various countries. Made with a blend of uranium and plutonium oxides, MOX fuel recycles plutonium recovered from used fuel. With more than 2,700 metric tons of heavy metal produced as of the end of 2017, Orano Melox is the world’s leading producer of MOX fuel.

    Youtube video: https://youtu.be/9EDFd2QMZzA

  • CEA Cadarache

    Cadarache is one of the nine research centers of CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission). Its activities are dedicated to nuclear energy (fission and fusion), new technologies for energy and biology.

  • ORANO Cycle La Hague (FULL)

    As part of its nuclear activities, Orano La Hague site provides the first steps of used nuclear fuel recycling. This plant is the largest nuclear fuel reprocessing facility in the world. Of about 96 % of used fuel can be recovered providing nuclear reactor reprocessed fuel for electricity production.
    As a whole more than 34,000 tons of fuel have been reprocessed at Orano La Hague. Orano nuclear fuel reprocessing activities are at the hand of high qualified employees. Orano employees are committed to sustainable and responsible approaches by optimizing the use of nuclear energy thru nuclear fuel reprocessing. 

  • Information

    The number of visitors for each tour is limited (~ 15 – 20 people). Registration for the Technical Tours has to be made during the registration for the congress. An additional cost is requested to participate.
    These Technical Tours require an approval, as those industrial sites are restricted areas. Pregnant women and certain foreign nationals are not allowed to participate.


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